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Odors may be annoying, but they can be a warning that something is wrong. The problem is some people here in PA make it a priority to mask the smell without getting to the source, and that’s a problem.

An Unhealthy Growth

We have been in the sanitation business for a long time, and we can tell you one reason you are smelling something is because there is an unhealthy growth. Maybe you’ve got bacteria or mold growing somewhere.

Both of these present issues, but they must be dealt with. Masking the odor will only let the problem fester while it is ignored since the smell isn’t bothering you anymore. You shouldn’t want these issues growing and putting everyone at risk.

Attracting Pests

Just because you were able to find a way to mask the smell from bothering you, that doesn’t mean you were able to hide the smell from insects or pests. They tend to be attracted to these types of smells.

Getting rid of pests can be quite expensive. All you have to do is find the source and eliminate it. This may also be time-consuming, but it’ll probably be a lot more inexpensive than the alternative. Keep in mind some of these pests could carry diseases as well, so it’s not a good idea to invite them in. Sanitize instead of allowing this problem to fester.

Allergic Reactions to the Mask

Some masking products contain questionable ingredients. Yes, they are effective as they can use these chemicals to bind to whatever is causing the smell. The chemicals pull down the particles causing the smell down to the floor where they won’t bother you anymore. This might sound great, but some of these chemicals are quite strong.

People who are sensitive to smells or specific products could have an allergic reaction. This is especially true for people who have respiratory issues. Some natural substances may not cause allergic reactions, but, again, it’s more efficient to simply let us find the source so that we can get rid of it.

Environmental Harm is Real

Sprays and other odor-masking products contain chemicals as you know. These chemicals are not only bad for people who are sensitive to smells, but they can also end up hurting the environment.

The containers these masking products come in end up in some landfill, and that’s not good. The chemicals in the product could end up contaminating water sources, and that’s not great for wildlife. This is the kind of harm you can’t see, but it’s one you should worry about.

If you are ready to find the source, then we suggest looking for a sanitizing service in Delaware County. As you can see, it is always better to sanitize, and we have the knowledge and experience to fix your problem.

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