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We Can Help With Infection Prevention In The Workplace

For businesses in Montgomery County, PA, it’s vital that you receive the office sanitizing that you need to stay open. Whether it’s through a Coronavirus pandemic or another illness, businesses can remain open so long as they perform the office disinfecting that it needs. In so doing, you can promote Coronavirus prevention and other infection prevention. At LHI Services, we provide residential and office disinfecting solutions in Montgomery County, PA. Here’s why our virus prevention cleaning service is better than the other companies out there.

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Our Residential and Office Sanitizing Service in Montgomery County, PA is Safe

One reason why we’re one of the best companies for disinfection service is that we use safe disinfection products for virus prevention cleaning. Other companies tend to lean on harsh chemicals. Not only can these harm your workers and customers, but it can also shut your commercial business down while the cleaning is happening.

Too much exposure to harsh chemicals might cause your employee’s health problems later in life. This might result in a lawsuit. You can typically tell if a disinfectant product has harsh chemicals by the following symptoms:

  • Leaky or runny eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Burning in throat
  • Burning in lungs
  • Migraines
  • General feeling of unwellness
  • Dizziness

If your workers start to complain about these symptoms following an office sanitizing from another company, then it’s likely because they used harsh chemicals. We don’t use harsh chemicals in our Coronavirus prevention and infection prevention treatments. We believe that sanitizing should be a safe experience for workers, customers, and our own workers.

When we sanitize your office or home, you won’t experience the symptoms listed above. Our disinfectant is safe to use.

Fight Off Infectious Diseases Like The Coronavirus & More

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Our Disinfecting Treatment for Coronavirus Prevention in Montgomery County, PA is Odorless

Another problem that many people have with other cleaners is that their disinfecting products smell terrible. Sometimes the smell alone can drive their customers right out of their commercial business. This isn’t the case with our residential and commercial virus prevention cleaning in Montgomery County, PA.

We’re one of the best for office disinfecting because our office disinfectant is odorless. After we’re done sanitizing the area, your workers and customers won’t even know we were there. They’ll be able to work and shop without a problem.

We use Spray Cleaning as an Effective Sanitizing Method

The most effective way to promote infection prevention is to ensure all of the surfaces that are frequently touched are sanitized. We use spray cleaning to do just that. Our company prefers to use spray cleaning because it allows the office disinfectant to spread everywhere in the area.

When you use equipment like mops and brooms, you’re really just spreading the virus around. Our virus prevention cleaning uses spray cleaning to kill viruses on contact. The spray can also reach into gaps and small holes that brooms and mops may not be able to reach.

Infection prevention has never been easier with our sanitizing treatment.

What Can Our Company Help With?

  • Coronavirus Prevention
  • Commercial Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • & More
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Why Spray Disinfectants?

Proper sanitizing and disinfecting are hard to do with traditional cleaners.  There are always corners, edges, and angles that are hard to reach.  Our Montgomery County, PA spray sanitizing services aren’t just effective as removing pathogens.  Our spray services offer the best coverage as they allow us to cover large areas evenly without missing the spots that you can’t reach.

Choosing Disinfectants

When looking for a disinfecting product for coronavirus and general infection prevention, there are some key factors you need to consider.  Not only will they help you choose the right one for your company in Montgomery County, PA, your understanding of the product means you can use it correctly and expect results.

What does the disinfectant kill?  Different facilities are going to have very different requirements for effectiveness.  A Montgomery County, PA medical clinic will need a product that offers infection prevention against more pathogens than what an IT firm would require, for example.

How long does the product take to kill pathogens it comes into contact with?

How long does the product need to remain on the surface?  Unlike kill time, dwell time includes how long the product needs to remain on the surface and stay visibly wet.  If the dwell time is less than the kill time, if it dries up sooner than the listed time needed to kill pathogens, it isn’t going to offer you the protection you need.

Can it be used around humans of all ages?  What about animals?  Is it safe to touch the surface that it’s been applied to?  If it’s not safe to be used around people, what are the side effects of exposure?

Does it come with clear instructions?  Is it easy to teach others at your Montgomery County, PA company?

Proper disinfecting and sanitizing isn’t as black and white as we would like.  There are many products, some of which have labels that may be confusing and full of scientific jargon.  Because disinfectants are expected to do more than sanitizers they undergo more testing by the EPA.  This is why disinfectants come with a kill list while sanitizing agents don’t.  No single sanitizing product has been approved to kill COVID-19, so make sure not to buy cleaning products for your Montgomery County, PA home or office because of the attractive claims on the label.

The best way to ensure you’re taking all the steps needed to protect your company is to hire professional sanitizing and disinfecting services in Montgomery County, PA.  Get in touch with our office to learn more about why you need infection prevention services, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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For businesses or homes in Montgomery County, PA, it’s important that you keep your workers, customers, and family from the Coronavirus and future viruses. The most effective way to do that is to hire a professional team that offers a safe treatment option. Our office disinfectant can keep your employees and customers safe while we use it. Along with our disinfection services in King of Prussia, PA, you can be sure that we can keep your family safe through any pandemic. Call us today to see how our cleaning solutions can help.


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