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Commercial & Residential Disinfecting Services in Paoli & Wayne, PA

Sanitation is essential to keep your business open during times of a pandemic. Coronavirus prevention and other virus prevention begins with thorough sanitizing services. At LHI Services, we offer cleaning services that can offer Coronavirus prevention and ensure your office or home remains a safe place to be. Here are some things you should know about our disinfecting company in Wayne, PA, and Paoli, PA, and on the Main Line.

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Our Office Sanitizing Service is Safe

Safe disinfection is essential. Unlike other companies in Villanova, PA or Bryn Mawr, we use safe disinfection. This is due to the kind of product that we use for office disinfecting and residential disinfecting. Many companies use a disinfectant that causes irritating side effects.

Your workers may not be able to breathe. Their eyes may water or their nose may leak. These are all signs that the disinfectant cleaning solution you’re using in Ardmore, PA and Gladwyne, PA contains harmful chemicals. Symptoms that your workers and customers may be exposed to harsh chemicals are:

  • Watery eyes
  • Burning lungs
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Burning throat
  • Running nose
  • Migraines
  • Feverish feeling
  • General feeling of unwellness

It’s important that your sanitizing service in Delaware County, PA and Berwyn doesn’t cause these problems. Not only can it send your workers home, but it may also make your customers leave your business.

Our company offers something different. We use safe disinfection for our office disinfecting treatment in Main Line, Paoli, PA, Villanova, PA, Wayne, PA, and in many other locations.

We believe that just because you need commercial or residential sanitation doesn’t mean that you need to be exposed to chemicals that can hurt you. We’ll offer Coronavirus prevention without compromising your health.

Affordable Commercial & Residential Sanitation Services in Villanova

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Our Residential and Office Disinfectant is Effective in Villanova, PA and Paoli, PA

Just because our office disinfectant doesn’t contain harsh chemicals doesn’t mean that it is any less effective. When you need office sanitizing in Ardmore, PA, Radnor, PA, or Haverford, we can bring our effective office disinfectant to you. Our team will expertly perform disinfectant cleaning on every surface in the office or home.

We focus in on touchpoint cleaning, especially. Touchpoint is all of the surfaces that are frequently touched by employees and customers. They might be cash registers, doorknobs, light switches, monitor screens, and other frequently touched surfaces.

When you hire us for office sanitation and residential cleaning, you can be sure that you’re doing your best to promote Coronavirus prevention as well as other kinds of illnesses.

Experience a Disinfection Product Without any Odors in Ardmore, PA and Wayne, PA

One problem that many people face in the commercial industry when they hire other companies to do disinfectant cleaning is the strong odor. Sometimes, the odor alone can be enough to cause people to feel ill or develop a migraine. We’re proud to say that our disinfection product doesn’t contain an odor.

When you hire us in Bryn Mawr, Berwyn, Haverford, Gladwyne, PA, and elsewhere, you can experience office sanitation without the smell. This allows your workers to continue with their work without having to leave due to a migraine or feeling ill.

It also means that your customers will remain in your store as well. You won’t drive them off because of a foul odor. You can keep your business open and running. Your workers and customers may not even realize that office sanitizing is taking place.

We Use a Revolutionary Spray Method in Main Line and Radnor, PA

Our company uses a different kind of disinfection method than others in Main Line, Bryn Mawr, Radnor, PA, and Admore, PA. We use spray. Others will perform commercial cleaning by just wiping down surfaces with mops and brooms. This doesn’t help in the long run because the mop is just brushing the virus all over the floor.

It’s easy to contaminate areas when using standard equipment for sanitizing. Instead, we use a spray solution. Our team will expertly spray your commercial business from top to bottom.

What Towns On The Main Line Do We Service?

  • Ardmore
  • Bala Cynwyd
  • Bryn Mawr
  • Paoli
  • Wayne
  • Villanoa
  • & More
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