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When you need commercial sanitation services in Wayne, PA, Delaware County, PA, and Newtown Square, PA, then you need a company that you can trust. Other companies looking to help with Coronavirus prevention through office sanitizing typically use whatever powerful disinfectant products they have on hand. These aren’t necessarily the best things to use. Our company offers something different. At LHI Services, we provide commercial and residential sanitizing in Delaware County, PA and Newtown Square, PA that is effective and safe. Here’s what you need to know about our disinfecting services.

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Our Infectious Disease Prevention Office Disinfecting Service is Safe

Have you ever experienced the following symptoms after having office sanitization performed or residential cleaning performed?

  • Runny nose
  • Burning throat
  • Burning lungs
  • Watery eyes
  • Intense migraine
  • Nausea

If so, then there’s a good chance that the company you used for office disinfecting and residential infectious disease prevention used harsh chemicals. While these chemicals are effective in Coronavirous prevention, they can also perform a hefty number on the body.

The methods used for commercial and residential Coronavirus prevention shouldn’t be worse than the disease itself. For businesses, it’s especially important to use safe disinfection service in Newtown, PA and Delaware County, PA.

Using harsh chemicals can have a negative impact on your workers. They may end up striking up a lawsuit against you due to the damage that you allowed to happen to them. It may also cause your customers to leave your commercial business because they don’t feel well.

For homeowners, using safe disinfection is also important. Disinfect cleaning with harsh chemicals means that you’re going to be exposed to those chemicals for long hours after the cleaning is finished. Since most people have to remain at home to help Coronavirus prevention, that means you’re sitting in your home with harsh chemicals for hours.

Instead, you should rely on our safe disinfection in Newtown, PA and Delaware County, PA. Our disinfectant cleaning service is effective despite being void of any harsh chemicals. You can rely on our office disinfectant product to keep you healthy and negate any unpleasant side effects due to disinfectant cleaning.

Keep Your Business Clean With Our Disinfection Services in Delaware County

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Our Spray Cleaning Infectious Disease Prevention is Odorless and Allergen-Free

If you want infection prevention but don’t want the foul smell that comes with disinfectant cleaning, then choose our office sanitizing team. Unlike other companies, we use an office disinfectant product that is completely odorless. If there’s a lingering odor in your home or business, then our office disinfectant will also remove that. That’s because our office sanitizing doesn’t just focus on the odor. It cleans the reason behind the odor.

Instead of driving away your customers after virus prevention cleaning due to a strong smell, use our team. They won’t even know that office disinfecting took place.

Spray Cleaning is Effective for Coronavirus Prevention

Our disinfection product is delivered through spray cleaning. By using spray sanitizing, we can perform office sanitizing more efficiently. This disinfecting method ensures that every part of the surface sees infection prevention.

Another reason our disinfection methods and product are the best is that they’re allergen-free. If your employees or family breaks out in hives or a rash following virus prevention cleaning in Newtown Square, PA or Delaware County, PA, then it could be due to allergies.
We’re one of the few companies that use virus prevention cleaning solutions that are allergen-free.

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