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Janitorial services are different from some of the other cleaning services out there. It take an expert to understand how to properly clean. It’s our job to know what types of products to use and which chemicals work best on floors and surfaces. We’re dedicated to providing the ultimate customer service. Being an expert and providing great customer service comes down to understanding what to use, when to use it, and how to keep the customer’s cost down.

So, how does someone know when they are receiving high quality janitorial services? The perception of good service is easy to see – either the facility is visually clean at first glance or it’s not. But the real value is in the unseen. Good value means saving the customer money by using state-of-the-art equipment, communicating issues or concerns, knowing how to clean correctly and efficiently, killing germs and keeping employees healthy.

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Chemicals can play a major role in providing good service. Residential and Commercial cleaners who use microfiber towels clean more efficiently and use less chemicals, which can save the customer money and the cleaning crew time. Microfiber towels are magnets for dirt and dust, so experts will use these to ensure everything is wiped down properly.

We also take care of our equipment to ensure it runs efficiently and doesn’t need to be replaced constantly. This can also save the customer money by reducing the amount of time needed to clean. From every day equipment like vacuums to large floor equipment that’s used periodically to make hard floor surfaces shine, equipment that’s in great condition is the sure sign that someone is taking good care of your business.

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An expert residential or commercial cleaner is trained, knowledgeable and understands that cleaning isn’t just about what the customers see, it’s also about how they feel. Training your workers to know about the proper use of chemicals and how long certain chemicals can be on the surface is a critical step in getting surfaces clean and keeping employees safe and healthy. Our expert commercial cleaners are trained in all aspects of cleaning, including reading and following instructions on labels. We also provide these same services to residential customers!

Another commercial cleaning service that adds value for our customer is conducting routine inspections after the janitorial services are completed. This takes cleaning accountability to a whole new level. Inspecting a building for cleanliness is very important. It can make the difference in keeping or losing an account. We personally conduct all inspections and are thorough, fair and honest. We would much rather catch a problem before the customer does.

We are one of the leading residential and commercial cleaning companies in the area and stops at nothing to deliver unrivaled janitorial services to the people who matter most in your business. We understand that your top priority is your customers and we will stop at nothing to provide top notch janitorial services to all of our customers.

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