COVID-19 Office Cleaning in San Diego

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LHI Janitorial & Disinfection services in San Diego make it easy to achieve a superior clean in your home or business with our powerful cleaning services. We go above and beyond to provide the most technologically advanced sterilization process that is safe, effective, and convenient. When you partner with the best disinfecting team in San Diego, you will have increased customer trust, a safer space, and a refreshing clean that positively influences every aspect of your business and life. 

We bring our exceptional San Diego anti-COVID-19 office cleaning to your door whenever it is most convenient. Our simple process starts with a free consultation and responsive scheduling. We are able to provide one-time service, or we can arrange for repeat visits depending on your needs. 

Our powerful office disinfectant in San Diego CA eliminates a number of viruses and toxins such as:

  • Coronavirus
  • COVID-19
  • Mildew
  • H1N1
  • Mold
  • Allergens
  • Staph
  • E Coli
  • And more…
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With the evolving coronavirus situation in San Diego CA, it is important that your business stands out from the rest with professional office disinfectant. When you invest in a professional office cleaning, your employees and customers will feel valued and protected knowing that you’ve eliminated the COVID-19 threat. Taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout San Diego CA is a great way to represent your company’s commitment to its community. While other companies are closing their doors, you can proudly display that your establishment is taking every necessary precaution to protect the valuable people that are paramount to your continued success. 

Our cleaning process in San Diego utilizes the most advanced, EPA-registered, NSF-certified product on the market. Our flagship cleaning agent, Aseptic Plus+, is certified for safe use within homes, office cleaning, on food preparation surfaces, and is completely harmless to plants and animals while effectively destroying coronavirus every time. Our high-tech electrostatic sprayer’s aerosolized mist is non-irritating and non-corrosive. With our advanced and safe office disinfectant, the people you care for, your sensitive electronics, and your valuable items are never at risk. 

With our speedy service, you can expect a visit from our Green Clean certified crew to be in and out quickly. An average service for a 2,000 square foot space only takes about 30 minutes, with 10 minutes needed for drying. Following service, you can expect a residue-free environment that is odor and coronavirus-free. No lengthy janitorial sessions disturbing your precious business hours, just a fast and thorough cleaning that will leave your employees and customers smiling.

Protection From Infectious Diseases Like The Coronavirus & More

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What Can Our Services Do?

  • Combat COVID-19 In The Workplace
  • Keep Your High Traffic Areas Sanitized
  • Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe

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Outside of our professional office cleaning to eliminate coronavirus and COVID-19 in San Diego, we also offer office disinfectant and touch point cleaning in Irvine, CA. With every cleaning and sanitizing in San Diego, we will provide your establishment with a verified certificate of the exceptional disinfecting service you’ve received. By proudly displaying your commitment to hygiene and doing your part to protect the community, your clients and customers will take notice. 

To learn more about our powerful office disinfectant and office cleaning solutions in San Diego or to schedule an office sanitizing appointment in LA, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional team to create a COVID-19 free space today! 


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