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About Us

Experts in the Field

The product that we use combined with our cleaning process creates a Clinically Clean® environment. Clinically Clean® is a clean that’s not only bacteria and germ-free but also mold and allergen-free. It’s fragrance-free too. Our flagship product is Aseptic Plus+™. We don’t mask odors, we eliminate them. Our technicians have received extensive training to be certified SanitizeIT® Clean technicians, and have also completed the Green Clean Institute Technician Certification program.

Friendly and Professional Services

Our technicians are here to provide you with a safer and healthier environment and address any questions/ concerns that you may have. They will educate you about the process, the product, and provide recommendations for future sanitizing care. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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Serge Abramov

CEO & Founder

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Keeping You Safe at All Times

Our spray is an EPA hospital-grade disinfectant that is safe to use on all surfaces. It is rated a category 4 in terms of toxicity by the EPA. Category 4 is their lowest toxicity rating. In comparison, bleach is a Category 1, which has very high toxicity.

Your Family & Pets

We ask that kids and pets aren’t present while our technicians spray your home or business, this is just to ensure that the product is applied effectively. Our product is non-reactive, non-irritating, and non-corrosive, so you don’t have to worry that it will be harmful.

Environmentally Friendly

This sanitizing spray solution is completely environmentally friendly, too. The solution breaks down to a simple salt. It has no traces of ozone harming volatile compounds and it doesn’t produce any chlorinated byproducts or carcinogenic compounds.