90-Day Antimicrobial Protective Coating

At LHI Services, we now offer a 90-day antimicrobial protective coating that has been proven to protect against microbes on surfaces. Our unique antimicrobial coating provides 24/7 surface protection for extended periods of time. It creates a continuously self-cleaning, invisible shield, so your surfaces can stay safe and clean!

Our 90-day antimicrobial coating sticks to all surfaces to provide unmatched antimicrobial protection and activity with long-term stability and durability properties. Our coating bonds to surfaces on a molecular level during our electrostatic application.

90-Day Antimicrobial Protective Coating

We use electrostatic sprayers and a specially formulated coating with an EPA registered active ingredient that punctures the cell membranes of microbes as soon as contact is made. This 90-day antimicrobial coating continues to work long after it dries because it creates a self cleaning layer that microbes can’t live on. Since the coating has a positive electric charge, it actively seeks out and attracts microbes to the surface and eliminates them on contact.

The 90-day antimicrobial coating physically disrupts and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, algae and more by creating a force-field effect on the surfaces it touches. Once it’s applied, it won’t wash off of a surface or percolate into the environment or your body. It’s an extremely safe and effective product to use on any surface.

The antimicrobial protective coating forms an invisible and positively charged polymer that seeks out, attracts, and then electrocutes and destroys the negatively charged cell membrane of the microbes. This process leads to the breakdown of the microbial cell, which is also known as a lysis. As an added bonus, our unique antimicrobial coating has the ability to eliminate odors and stains. 

Our eco-friendly technology has been vigorously tested for safe use and durability. You don’t need to worry about the formula being toxic or releasing toxins, causing damage or discoloration to surfaces or harming the environment.

90-Day Antimicrobial Protective Coating

Safety is our top priority and our antimicrobial coating has been proven to provide a long-lasting, effective and safe antimicrobial barrier that will protect you and your loved ones for up to 90 days. Many other disinfectants require constant re-application, but not ours! Our 90-day antimicrobial coating only requires a single application to provide long-lasting protection.

If you’re interested in learning more about our 90-day antimicrobial coating or if you want to get it applied to your home or business’s surfaces, contact LHI services today to request a free quote.

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